With advanced sound and light, the buildings and the water at Randers Harbor are the framework for a music dramatic show in addition to the usual. For 15,000 audiences from home and abroad (including the general test on September 1), architecture, dance and music combine. All senses for space, visual and audio experiences are involved and create an art event that can not be overlooked.

The internationally renowned Danish singer "Oh Land", along with hundreds of contributors, is part of a magical universe that captures the story of the love between the country and the water. With "Oh Land" in the role of the queen of the sea, the mythical stories of the opland are reported about threatening sea creatures from the depths of the sea, while the pram carrier quietly walks through the mysterious disco. Randers Harbor is filled with new circus artists in breathless air acrobatics, performing dancing through the twilight and in sliding dance over the darkness of the water. The internationally renowned English dance company Motionhouse, who, with Kevin Finnan in the lead, opened the Paralympic Games in London in 2012, takes the audience on a sensual and visual journey while visual dreams are created by Spanish multimedia artists from Logela - at the same time as a 300-man-sized choir complements "Oh Lands" melodious audio universe.

WATERMUSIC is one of 12 selected full moon projects in the official program of the European Capital of Culture of Aarhus 2017.